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Service Offerings

User Testing

Test wireframes, prototypes, live sites and mobile apps and fine tune your product. Get videos of relevant people talking about your product. On demand transcripts, analysis and recommendations to enhance your business understanding.

CSAT Survey

Automated Trigger Surveys, Campaign Services and Customized Templates verified by our research experts help you gauze the consumer perceptions & use the data to enhance their experience.

Website Experience

Widgets that sits on top of your site and help display contextual FAQs and receive questions from your site visitors to help improve the user experince and gather feedback.

Pulse Poll

Capture citizen sentiments during Assembely or Parliamentary elections using InsightsIO's products and services. We can help with Surveys and Citizen interviews from relevant constituencies.

On-Premise Systems

InsightsIO's Deployable Solutions ensures that all your data is safe on your own infrastructure without you needing to access any third party APIs. Deploy once, use forever as we will always be there for upgrades & support.

Smarter Townships

Capture the sentiments of the residents of an area and use data for better planning and execution. We have collaborations with various Townships and City Level Adminstration.

Core Services

Research Instrument Design

The first step of conducting any kind of research, and arguably, the most important step, is the Instrument Design which would be used for the study. InsightsIO's Research Exerts can help organisations design context specific polls, surveys and interviews to conduct the research efficiently.

Gather Reliable Data

InsightsIO's Data Collection Experts help organizations collect high quality, demographically reliable data in a quick, timely and effective manner. The data collection can happen on the ground, online mediums as well as through qualitative interviews

Data Analysis & Recommendation

InsightsIO's Data Wizards help organizations make sense of the research data by providing real time, actionable & meaningful insights through our analytics tools & domain experience.

End-to-End Research

InsightsIO also helps organizations conduct end­-to-­end research from problem definition to research instrument design, data collection, analysis of the data and preparing the reports, recommendations & infographics

Salient Features

Research Experts

With InsightsIO's team of market research and domain experts coming from varied industry and academic fields you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Data Collection Experts

Data collection team can help you collect data from any demographics and location. Reliability of data is of utmost importance to us.

Data Wizards

With InsightsIO's team of Data Wizards, you would definitely gain business critical and valuable insights to take informed decision.

Timely & Affordable

We understand that Research is a tough problem and many a times time consuming as well. We assure you that we offer the best-in-class services with maximum ROI.

End-To-End Support

We provide complete end-to-end support in all your research endeavours and acting as a part of your team, taking care of all the process requirement and management.

24/7 Support

InsightsIO is always available for you. Get expert advice from our domain experts or ask us to help you on one of your surveys.